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Christmas Specials! *(3 Day Advanced orders)*

These items require advanced orders of 3 days or more. Please note that your order will be cancelled if the 3 days requirement is not met.
(e.g If you order on Monday, the earliest that you may collect is Thursday)

Sticky Bones & Baby Back Ribs

Applicable for same day delivery.
Full Slabs does not come with sides.
Morganfield's - Best known for its signature Sticky Bones - mouth-watering pork ribs slow-cooked to tender perfection, the very best slow-smoked BBQ ribs, basted in your choice sauces, that will have you craving for more!
New to the addition is the Baby Back Ribs that are smaller & leaner compared to the Signature Sticky Bones. Perfect for anyone looking for a slightly less sinful indulgence.

Barbeque Beef Rib (Whole Rack)
Barbeque Beef Rib (Whole Rack)

Barbeque Beef Rib (Whole Rack)

Irresistibly juicy and meltingly tender. The result of hours of slow cooking makes our Barbecue Beef Rib a meaty masterpiece finished with a glaze of our signature Hickory BBQ sauce. Serves 4 - 6 pax.
*(2.7kg pre-cooked)

*Top up $30 for sides to complete your meal:
1. One serving of Cranberry Salad
2. One serving of Mac & Cheese
3. One serving of Sweet Potato Fries
4. Three pieces of Cornbread
5. Six pieces of Mexican Grilled Corn

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